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Welcome to Russell Resources, Inc.

Your Trusted Source for Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

headworks equipment


We offer high-quality headworks equipment for wastewater treatment. Our equipment is designed to efficiently remove large particles, such as grit, sand, and other solids from raw wastewater before it enters the treatment plant. Our headworks products are reliable, durable, and designed to provide cost-effective solutions to help you meet your wastewater treatment goals.

Smith and Loveless


Schloss Screens

collections and pumping system


We provide comprehensive wastewater treatment collection and pumping systems for municipalities, commercial, and industrial clients. Our systems are designed to efficiently collect and transport wastewater to the appropriate treatment facilities. We use the latest technology and engineering expertise to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions.

Anue Water Technologies - O2, O3, Odor, FOG, and Corrosion Control

Precision Systems - Package Water Booster and Wastewater Pump Stations

Smith and Loveless - Package Wastewater Pump Stations

FOGRod - Level Control

sludge dewatering


Our sludge dewatering solutions are designed to ensure efficient and effective removal of water from all types of sludges and slurries. Our systems are tailored to maximize water removal while preserving the quality of the sludge, enabling you to meet your wastewater treatment goals. We offer a full range of dewatering technologies, from traditional filter presses to centrifuges and belt presses, so you can choose the right option for your specific needs. Our experienced team will work with you to develop the most cost-effective and reliable dewatering solution for your wastewater treatment needs.

Fournier Rotary Press

PW Tech - Volute Screw Press


water treatment system


Our water treatment systems are designed to provide superior wastewater treatment for a variety of applications. Our systems are designed to remove solids, odors, and contaminants from wastewater and produce a clean and safe effluent that meets the most stringent environmental regulations. Our systems feature the latest technologies in filtration, disinfection, and chemical removal for maximum efficiency and reliability. Our systems are easy to install and maintain, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your wastewater treatment needs. With our water treatment systems, you can be sure of clean, safe, and reliable wastewater treatment.

Tomorrow Water - HR Primary/WWF Treatment, BAF BNR/Tertiary

tanks and tank liners


Our Additional Equipment selection is perfect for your wastewater treatment needs. We offer tanks and tank liners to ensure your water is contained and stored properly, flow meters and samplers to help you monitor and measure your water, as well as many other products. If there is something you need that you don't see, please reach out.

Emerald Coast Manufacturing - Auto Samplers

Pulsco - Hydropnumatic Surge Tanks

Weston Associates - Tank, Tank liners


Triplepoint - Lagoon Treatment

Neptune Chemical Pump Co

MJK - Floats, Transducers, Flow Meters

Enaqua - UV

Continental Carbon Group


Danfoss - VFDs

Inovair - Blowers

Why Choose Russell Resources, Inc.?

Russell Resources, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturers representative firm dedicated to providing excellent service and innovative, cost-effective solutions. They are committed to helping their clients protect the environment and discover ways to make the most of their resources.

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